About Me

I am that much loved house, now fallen into disrepair.  I am that beautiful ship, now lying wrecked just outside the harbour.  I am that peculiar ‘thing’ of your grandparents that you ended up with because no-one else wanted it but you thought it had something about it.

One day someone will buy that house and restore it to its former glory.  One day someone will take that shell of a ship and painstakingly set about making her sleek and seaworthy again.  Some day you will take that ‘thing’ to be valued and it’s worth will be phenomenal.

  • I am amazing and should be up there with the best but I am just not achieving.
  • My intrinsic value is immense, I was made to be valuable, but my current worth is not recognised by the world around me.
  • I am yearning to fulfil the worth I was created with but I need help.

About The Journey

This voyage I’m on to find the fulness of my value is long and stormy but also has times of brilliant skies, fair weather, and absolute contentment.  Through all this, though, the challenge is mine and mine alone and I am frustrated to find that the preparations I make are either too limited or entirely inappropriate.

About You

I know that many of you are making similar voyages, that many of us will travel parts of it together and that we can support each other.  As I share and explore occasional, extracts from my ‘captains log’ here, I am grateful for, and keen to hear, your support, insight and experience as much as it is my responsibility to offer similar help to you, my fellow captains in distress.

About Us

I look for ward to charting the journey with you, and pray you can help me keep my eyes firmly fixed on the destination and learn from, but not get distracted by, the adventures along the way.


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