My mum’s on Facebook, I can’t think why
She said she thought she’d give it a try
But now what I shared with Tim & with Fred,
I mistakenly shared with my mum instead.

Just a silly old comment, a harmless update,
Nothing to make anyone all that irate.
But mum saw it there and blew a fuse –
She knows that they’re not really my views,
It was only a joke, I’ve got no problem with race
And I’d never say something like that to his face.
So now she’s trying to make me say sorry
But I just can’t do that, I’ll feel such a wally.
And Tim will be loving it, hiding his smirk
When he’s done just the same, that bloody old jerk.

Why don’t mums get it, it’s between him and me,
Fred was the only one else meant to see
And anyway it’s just the way that we talk,
It doesn’t mean quite the same as she thought.

But then, if she saw it and got offended that way,
I wonder who else might have read it that day?
Hopefully not Dan, cos he actually is black
And we’re really good mates; he’d be taken aback
Surely not my teachers or that man in the shop
Who I’m trying to impress so he’ll give me a job?

They’re not online friends, I think that comments won’t show
But is that how it works? I don’t actually know.

When my mum came on Facebook, one thing I found out,
That public & private isn’t always clear cut
So that one little post, be it ever so brief,
Might, one day, go viral and cause so much grief.

Guess I’ll have to be careful before I send something new
Cos the next person I offend might be you!