Rolls Royce LogoThere is a great family story about an ancestor who was deprived of his prosperous, public company in a hostile take-over.  He struggled to find employment afterwards and used to use the Rolls-Royce and driver to go and collect his dole money.  The point is that benefits system is not something my family is really familiar with first hand.

I have never been a director of a multi-national company, however, since faithfully following a calling to leave my last employment, I have found myself adding to the ever-rising unemployment figures.  I am extremely blessed to have some savings left to me by my grandmother and feel grateful that I do have that ‘cushion’ that many people in my situation do not.  A little under a tankful of petrol a week’s worth from the government is tough to live on but everything is helpful at the moment.

However, I do have an ongoing issue with this whole job-seeker’s allowance which I wonder if all you prayerful people could help me with.

Although my nearest Job Centre is 15 minutes away, I was required, first time round to go to register at a large, urban one nearly an hour away (because of course as an unemployed person I have money to spend on petrol and parking).  I was seen 20 minutes late which wasn’t a huge problem but I have to confess I found emotionally tough; it required some pride swallowing and I was very much out of my comfort zone.  I came back with a horrible migraine and that was the rest of the day wasted – still I was setup and ready to go.

Under the rules I can work a maximum of 2 days a week and still claim, and since that initial sign on I have managed to find work that coincidentally requires 2 days a week; great.  Just before christmas they asked if I could do an extra day that week.  I am a jobseeker, I was pleased and grateful and accepted, phoning the job centre to alert them that I would not be claiming that week – here the troubles begin.

Because I did not claim that one week, I have to start the entire process over again.  Driving to the large Job Centre nearly an hour away, I got stuck behind a slow moving vehicle and got disastrously lost in the town itself so that I was 10 minutes late, big mistake, reschedule appointment, drive an hour home, waste of parking money, waste of morning (although presumably not a worry to them, as a jobseeker we, of course, have nothing else to be doing)

On the rescheduled date I had to bring my daughter who threw up all over herself with nowhere for me to be able to stop. Parking and fresh clothes expense but we did manage to get to the meeting and hopefully all is ready to go again.  I should point out, however, that far from encouraging me to work more, the  government are in fact doing the opposite and I will honestly admit to thinking twice if offered the occasional extra day again.

My question to you though…

Is this one of life little tribulations or is there a spiritual aspect?
Is this a case of trust in the Lord and not the government or is Jobseekers Allowance one of the many blessings He is providing?

Votes are not final and you will be relieved to hear that I reserve the right to decide for myself through prayer.  I am interested in your thoughts though.